Artist Profiles

sarah watson headshot

Sarah Watson

Illustrator, Oska Bright Film Festival committee member and Carousel Chairperson

Sarah is a self-taught illustrator who specialises in creating bold portraits. She has been working with Carousel for many years, and is Chairperson of the charity. Sarah is part of the Oska Bright Film Festival committee. She is passionate about learning disability arts and often shares her opinions with the Creative Minds Legacy Group.

Examples of Sarah’s work

william hanekom headshot

William Hanekom

Curing Perfect Illustrator, Filmmaker and Oska Bright Film Festival Committee Member

William is a freelance illustrator. He has most recently illustrated Carousel’s online, interactive graphic novel, Curing Perfect. William is also a filmmaker and his recent short, A Glimpse in the Dark, was commissioned by Channel 4 Random Acts. William has been part of the Oska Bright Film Festival committee for several years and has screened some of his own films as part of the festival.

Examples of Will’s work

matthew hellett headshot

Matthew Hellett

Oska Bright Film Festival Programmer and Filmmaker

Matthew has been part of the Oska Bright Film Festival committee for many years. In 2016 he was accepted on to the prestigious Guiding Lights scheme, the UK film industry’s leading mentoring programme. This has seen Matthew take the role as lead programmer for the Oska Bright Film Festival. He is also a filmmaker, and his film Sparkle features his drag queen alter-ego, Miss Sparkle. Matthew is also on the Creative Minds Legacy team and is part of Viewfinder, Disability Arts Online’s new platform.

becky bruzas headshot

Becky Bruzas

Oska Bright Film Festival Director and Carousel Trustee

Becky is a Carousel Trustee. She is also a lively member of the Oska Bright Film Festival committee, recently taking on the role as Festival Director after being accepted on the Guiding Lights mentoring programme. Becky has also become Carousel’s main public relations representitive, championing our work at events and on panels. She has worked on Curing Perfect, delivering training for students at Birmingham University.

becky bruzas headshot

Jason Eade

Jason is on the Oska Bright Film Festival committee. With Carousel’s help he has made an award-winning film, Up On The Downs (Southdowns National Park), travelled to Canada, Cardiff and elsewhere representing Oska Bright. He is the host of the Blue Camel Club. Jason also works on Curing Perfect as art director and has a new project planned for 2016/17.

chris rider headshot

Chris Rider

Chris first joined Carousel in 2002 and is a founding member of Beat Express, with whom he has played numerous shows around the UK and Ireland. In addition to his drumming, Chris regularly tutors on Carousel music projects and works alongside our team as a stage technician at our events.
Chris is a member of the Blue Camel Club team/committee and regularly DJs at the club using his DJ moniker – Monkey Boy!

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