Learning disabled artist Will Hanekom lands national film commission

The new short film, A Glimpse In The Dark by William Hanekom was commissioned by Screen South and Ignition Random Acts Network Centre, a partnership between Arts Council England and Channel 4. It has just been released on the Random Acts website and YouTube channel, home to the world’s boldest and most innovative creative shorts.

The 2012 Creative Skillset employment census shows that only 0.3% of the total film workforce are disabled (2% in production, 0.1% in exhibition and none in distribution). The Screen South and Ignition Random Acts Network Centre initiative, by working with Carousel to select

A Glimpse In The Dark, is making a significant step forwards to increasing the representation of learning disabled people both within the film industry and on television.

Combining live action and animation, the piece examines themes of identity and inner and outer worlds – what we see when we look at other people in the street, and what we feel when they look back at us.



“It is about seeing normal people on a walk home – then what happens when you are looking through a twisted imagination which is seeing everything and everyone transformed. It is about revealing the inner world and taking the viewer on a journey into that world. It is a piece of work which explores how it is to feel different – seeing the world differently and wondering how the world sees me.”

William Hanekom