Carousel House Band

An integrated band that consists of learning disabled musicians and music facilitators.

The Carousel House Band is supported by   ACT colour logo no strap

The Carousel House Band has worked for a year with The Carousel Singers providing musical accompaniment to their voicework and successfully embedding the figurenotes system within the project. In this time the band has assisted the choir to create new compositions, record and perform them on a number of occasions.

In 2016/17, the band will work with a variety of musicians, creating musical recordings for other Carousel projects and engaging in sharing of good practice via bespoke figurenotes school workshop delivery.


Figurenotes is a simple system of musical notation. It has been used by the band throughout 2015/16 to assist the learning of the Carousel Singers repertoire, supporting the creation of new works and empowering band members and Carousel Singers to lead on sections of the sessions.

The band are now looking test the flexibility of the Figurenotes system.


Synthesize Me!

Synthesize Me! was a very informative project for the music facilitators and learning disabled musicians in The Carousel House Band. Exploring the work of Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire, the band worked with lots of new technology to create music. 

As part of the project we produced a guide for schools to use when exploring technology for use in Learning Disabled music projects. You can download that here.

You can read all about the project in Sam Dook’s blogs on the Youth Music Network here.

The Carousel House Band (L-R): Sam Dook, Ollie Tatum, Elliott Duffield, Laura McGowan, Bethan Brown Ap Evans, Claire Mathews.

Figurenotes workshop at St John’s.

Laura McGowan on the Synthesize Me! project.