Carousel Radio

The creative voice of people with a learning disability.

The Carousel Radio team, from l-r: Fran, Ewan, Davot

Carousel Radio is a show and a podcast that is planned and presented by our learning disabled DJs and radio presenters. It’s one of the only places on the radio where you can hear spoken word exclusively by learning disabled artists.

We’re looking for creative people with a learning disability to send us things that we can put in the radio show, things like poems, short stories, radio plays and sound art. If you’ve got something you’d like to share contact or call him on 01273 234 734.

Carousel Radio is aired on Radio Reverb (97.2FM in Brighton, DAB and online) at 2pm on the first Sunday of each month and is repeated throughout the following week.

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In May 2018 Carousel Radio was awarded Gold at the British Podcast Awards in the Represent category, supported by Twitter. Fran and Davot from the team went to London to collect the award. They said: “We are very happy and excited to have won! We’d like to thank all the listeners of Carousel Radio.”