Are you perfect? Is anyone? Discover a world of imperfection in Curing Perfect. Devised and designed by a team of learning disabled creatives, supported by arts charity Carousel, it’s a playful journey with a serious message:

What kind of humans do we want in our world?

The app is available to play now through these links: It is free and requires iOS 7.1 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  You can also play the game online at

The Curing Perfect Story

“A year ago I read an article that claimed Downs Syndrome could be cured. It made me think about my condition, which is incurable, and about the future and what could happen.” Becky Bruzas, Curing Perfect speaker and presenter.

Led by a team of learning disabled artists, Curing Perfect uses digital media to engage the public in the difficult issues of ‘curing’ disability and creating the perfect person. In this online world, learning disabled artists are fully engaged in the conversations about the issues that affect them.

Curing Perfect began a year ago as an online graphic novel developed as a storyline in three chapters. It allows the layer to move through various locations represented on a map.  The App brings it all together, challenging the player to move through a city, create the perfect person and interact with what they find.

There is also the chance to become part of the online story by tweeting a definition of perfection to #CuringPerfect this will appear on a billboard in the online story.

It is a highly visual rendering of an imagined world by illustrator William Hanekom, matched to Jason Eade’s adventurous story-line. The game is voiced by actress Sarah Gordy (Call the Midwife) and other learning disabled artists.

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Screens from Curing Perfect