Busy Summer for Beat Express

Carousel's longest running band, Beat Express have had a busy summer in 2018. They kicked off a mini tour with a gig at Barner 16 Music Festival in Hamburg, Germany. They have also performed in London and Worthing this summer as well as headlining Carousel's Rock...

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Top 8 Things About The Rock House Festival 2018

The great variety of bands - we had a mix of learning disabled bands and some up and coming local bands hitting the stage at the Green Door Store! The dance moves on show from the audience - there was some great energy in the crowd! The free pizza from Fatto a Mano -...

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REVIEW: Karen Sharp at The Verdict

Brighton is buzzing. ‘The Verdict’ had a great atmosphere and it was full of people. I liked the lighting and remember the pictures of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker on the walls. There are pictures of jazz albums on the tables. The beer is good. I shook hands with...

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