Matt-and-sarah-in-cinema-May-2015-2-DP-copyOska Bright Film Festival wouldn’t happen without the team of artists who run it. We’ll be finding out more about each of them in the run up to the festival.

This week it’s Sarah Watson 

Hello Sarah. 

How long have you worked on the Oska Bright Film Festival?

It’s been quite a long time now, maybe since 2007? The lovely Matthew Hellet got me into it. He was on the committee already and got me into it.

What do you enjoy most about working on the festival? 

I really like going to new places, like when we take the films on tour. I love doing presentations and making jokes with the audience. I also like working in schools with young people and sharing the skills I’ve learnt.

What’s been your favourite film submitted?

I loved being able to show the feature The Special Need at the Dukes at Komedia. It was amazing to be able to be the first to show it in the UK. It’s a brilliant film. I also really loved Love is a Strange Game by Station 17.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I got drunk and fell in the bath! It was funny though.

What’s your fave film of all time?

I am a huge fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I like old films, Adams Family. I love sci-fi, films by Christoper Nolan, JJ Abrahams. Most recently I’ve loved The Avengers.

Favourite cinema snack?

Salted popcorn, Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles BUT only the green ones. I like a good coffee. Oh and Trebor Extra Strong Mints.

Multiplex or indie?

I like independent cinemas, they feel special. You want it to be a special experience when you go to the cinema. I love the Duke of Yorks. It feels magical.

Where do you like to sit in the cinema?

I can’t sit in the middle! I like to be on the end, if the film is rubbish, I can leave!