Becky Bruzas

Oska Bright Film Festival Director and Carousel Trustee

Becky is a Carousel Trustee. She is also a lively member of the Oska Bright Film Festival committee, recently taking on the role as Festival Director after completing Guiding Lights, the UK’s leading film industry mentoring scheme. Becky was mentored by Alice Cabanas, then Director of Bristol Encounters Short Film Festival.

As part of her role, Becky has hosted panel discussions, including a UK screening of A Life Animated. She has also travelled to Galway Film Festival where she first saw Sanctuary, before securing the UK Premiere for Oska Bright Film Festival 2017.

Becky is one of Carousel’s main public relations representatives, championing our work at events and on panels. She has worked on Curing Perfect, delivering training for students at Birmingham University.