Beat Express

Veterans of the learning disabled music scene

Becky Bruzas

Oska Bright Film Festival Director and Carousel Trustee

Carousel House Band

An integrated band that consists of learning disabled musicians and music facilitators

Chris Rider

Drummer, DJ and Stage Assistant

Dancing Rock Queens

Rock House and Blue Camel Club favourites

Fuzzbomb Flash Band

Hazy dream-pop

Jason Eade

Filmmaker and script writer

Matthew Hellett

Oska Bright Film Festival Programmer and Filmmaker

Sabien Gator

Multi-talented, multi-instrumentalists

Sarah Watson

Illustrator, Oska Bright Film Festival committee member and Carousel Chairperson

The Daniel Wakeford Experience

Singer songwriter with autism

William Hanekom

Curing Perfect Illustrator, Filmmaker and Oska Bright Film Festival Committee Member

Zombie Crash

World’s premier learning disabled metal band