Punchlines is a 10-week series of comedy performance workshops for people with a learning disability.

Punchlines 2017

Eight learning disabled comedians produced sketches, stand up routines and comedy songs during the second ever Punchlines project. Ten comedy workshops were led by learning disabled tutor and comedy fan Robbie. Professional comedian Gerry Thompson shared his expertise and mentored the participants, who featured Talking Dingo’s, American politics, Vampire hunters, Alfred Hitchcock and more in their comedy pieces. Three of the acts performed their material to an invited audience, who also heard the finished radio sketches.

I was enthralled by the Punchlines project by Carousel.  I have shared the Punchlines sketches with my front line managers and given the high quality of the production – we’ve no doubt it’s these types of projects that are a catalytic force in positively changing people’s lives.

Keith Hogan

Service Manager, Gateshead Council

Punchlines 2015

Punchlines ran for the first time in 2015. Nine people with learning disabilities took part, developing skills in writing, performing and critiquing. At the end of the course, ten radio comedy sketches were produced and an audience was invited along to a live sharing of the final works.

“Fantastic! Really impressive and professional material. The performers clearly enjoyed themselves and developed their skills.”

Punchlines Audience Member