Sarah Watson review of A LITTLE SPACE by Gecko/Mind the Gap at the Old Market Arts Centre, Brighton, 3rd December 2019

I liked it. It was something different. I liked the pipes on the stage. It was colourful. I liked the bits with dancing and the way they used the bed.
It felt like it was about energy coming from under the floor. It was about loneliness and the use of TV to escape loneliness. It had lots of different ideas including people addicted to Coronation Street and one of the characters who was moving into the house.
It was quite dark like a dingy basement. I liked that. It was a bit confusing in places and it began to drag on a bit at the end and lost my focus.
I do think there should have been a warning about the sound too. There were many piercing sounds and I nearly had to leave. But I was able to move to the back, which solved the problem.
It was different from what I’ve seen Mind the Gap do before. The performers were great.