I went to see Breakin Convention at Sadler’s Wells in London. Run by Jonzi D. At the Breakin Convention there are performances, workshops, graffiti, park jam all over the bank holiday weekend. I went along by myself to the Convention.

I went on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May to see performances and on the bank holiday Monday I went to the Park Jam where they had DJ’s, freestylers, MC’s, food markets and is a was great atmosphere.

Some of the performances that I saw over the weekend made me feel really ‘WOW’ inside and very happy and excited to see what else they can do. I saw Lock Smiths Dance Group, Boy Blue Entertainment, Flawless, Bandidas, Iron Skulls Co., Pro-Motion, Soweto Skeleton Movers to name a few international companies.

The performances were absolutely amazing because I see some new styles, dynamics, isolations, stamina, and all kinds of crazy things.

My favourite performance was Soweto Skeleton Movers. I like the choreography because the hat tricks, the creativity and the bone breaking looks absolutely insane. I didn’t like the costumes , as they did not look exciting.

Also at Breakin Convention they created and shared a concept dance video it was a chance for young people to work with Jonzi D and he was also in it. The production was about the audition and to also get involved with Breakin Convention.

Overall I had a great experience and would come back Next Year!

Breakin Convention will be touring soon and will be back at Sadlers Wells in 2017 – http://breakinconvention.com/touring