Felicity Hammond
A HOUSE/Photo works co-commission
Show Room: The Language of Living
The University of Brighton Galleries,
154-155 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0JG
30 April – 29 May

This used to be an American Express office. One floor is now part of  Brighton University only 1 floor.

Felicity Hammond “photographs digitally manipulated images from property developer’s billboards and brochures and prints them directly onto mouldable acrylic sheets, which are contorted into beautifully crafted, offer large scale, sculptural objects”.

Her idea is really quite interesting and colourful, alight with bold greens, pink candy floss colour and blue sky colour.  Greats to see the cucumber and blood orange prints. I had sense that l was in a land was in world full of candy sweets. The first visual thought that came out my brains was the Disney animation Wreck-It Ralph and then after the prints of cucumber made me them want to eat them – a cucumber  is one my favourite fruit.

Felt inside it wasn’t fully finished and needed bit more of something. I kept wanting more. For me I would like to have seen more so I could have said more. I like the idea of how she thinks about stages in her art pieces. l only saw the exhibition at Edwards Street, she has as another exhibition on same dates which is Portals: The Language of Living at Hoardings on Circus St,

Sarah Watson