Serpentine Gallery – London, 8th June – 10th September

Review by Sarah Watson and Will Hanekom

Outsider Alan – 2017 Ceramic, found objects, pebbles, shells, iron, wood and glass

Sarah – Its like a sea bed.
Will – Sculpture made out of stones, sticks and shells. It reminded me of Tim Burton, because of the creepiness and timeliness of it.

Animal Spirit 2016 Woodcut printed on 315gsm heritage white

Will  –  Bear with horns mixture of bear and bull. Different aspects of Grayson Perry’s personality, like he said animal spirit.  Wood cut print, lot of details and nice looking textures.  This was my favourite, wish could do something like that. I think works well in black and white.
Sarah –  Like the detail and texture, it’s unique

Reclining Artist – 2017 Woodcut printed on 315gsm Heritage white

Sarah – Like his self-portrait as it is in a comic style.

Battle of Britain – 2017 Tapestry

Sarah – Brighter, the different colours, vibrant. Like the text and details and different textures, it’s how Brexit has changed the UK.
Will –  You see new things all the time you look. Like the textures and one point perspective. The rainbow in the middle is quite ominous, don’t know what is going on beyond it.
Will –  Transgression of colours, foreground to background, like the horizon clouds and sky at the back, very foggy. There are stories within the story, different episodes are happening for example the burning car and figures in the field. It’s a modern day medieval tapestry and perspective of everyday people.
Sarah   – Its about young people who have been let down, younger generation have been pushed out. One of them had a Wonderwomen baseball hat on and can of energy drink.


Sarah – The exhibition is for everyone, not posh totty or middle class or arty. Art should be for ordinary people. His art is fun about everyday things, less wordy, not intimidating.  Space was good. Liked the layout middle room felt crowded and claustrophobic too many works and not enough space to move around. Liked the pots in different styles. The titles are accessible short and sweet. I liked the rugs best. Wish could have been bigger but it was free. Would go to the Serpentine again.
Will – Pottery section difficult to look at with lots of people as small. Very vivid and very creative, expressed a lot of unique opinions about current subjects and todays world through Grayson Perry’s own vision.

Arthur Jafa  –  A Series of Utterly Improbable, Yet Extraordinary Renditions.

Sackler Wing – Serpentine Gallery 8th June to 10th September

Will – Topical uncomfortable history
Sarah – Not so interesting, liked the architecture. Did not float my boat, needed to show more work. In the enclosed room should have had two screens.
Will – Individual thoughts on the subject of black Americans and prejudices. Display was more like a museum and art gallery. Made me think of how slaves rebelled.

Sarah Watson and Will Hanekom