Paige Holloway, a founding member of BecauseWeCanCanCan and has written a review of our recent show, Hanging In The Balance. Paige is a Creative Enabler, and she works closely with Open Theatre Company, supporting other young people with learning disabilities (YPWLD) to be involved in creative activities. She is fantastically honest, passionate, and determined.

I thoroughly enjoyed Spectra’s performance of Hanging In The Balance. The whole thing. The beginning, the middle, and the end. This is a big deal. I don’t say that about some shows that have been to in the West End. Despite the small amount of time that the cast had to put it together, it was well thought through and brilliantly done.

I particularly liked the way the story flowed – even though it was broken down into sections, as we travelled on a journey into different rooms and spaces!

The involvement of food was great, and this is one reason why Spectra shows are always so unexpected and fun. We had to use all of our senses during the show and not many shows make you do that. It was really interactive.

Different art forms were used, including physical theatre, music and drama. The musicians were really skilled and the original music and lyrics helped the story develop clearly. It was great to see the professionals and community cast working together – and it didn’t matter who was who. There were some particularly talented dancers too. They told the story without words and they were completely in character because of the commitment they put into the movements and the ways they interacted with each other. It was very uniquely put together using the strengths of each individual performer.

One minor problem was that although the props hanging from the ceiling in the theatre looked effective – some of them were a little bit low and caused problems for the audience as they got in the way a bit.

Also, as we were travelling from section to section, on our journey, if you were at the back of the group, it was quite hard to hear the brilliant lyrics that were being shared with the audience. It might be worth thinking through how everyone can be sure to hear everything as it is all so good, everyone needs to hear everything!

From this show, I’ve learnt that you can do theatre in different ways. There isn’t one way of doing theatre. You can involve all your senses, move around on a journey, and get very involved as a member of the audience.

It was incredible and it had beautiful meaning.

A beautiful show full of beautiful people. 

Thank you for inviting me Spectra! 


(all photos Kate Green)