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I went to London Comic Con 2015, a convention dedicated and themed around current popular media such as comic books, film and videogames. I went with my friends Jason and Terry, we explored stools which sold merchandise, games, artwork and costumes; speaking of which. Many people who come to these events dress up as characters they like from popular works. The term is called cosplaying.

It was easy to get lost in and it had a slightly surreal vibe but it was very friendly in terms of staff and other people participating. It was also an exhibition for the creativity and inspiration.


If you weren’t going to see any performances, contests or live shows. Just simply seeing the effort put into the costumes of characters people are playing is a must see. It was very much like going to a theme park dedicated to everything you love. The best one I saw was a man on stilts portraying the character of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare before Christmas.

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Towards the end of our day at comic con, we had to collect weird food they were selling at the stools and try them out. I got every flavour jelly beans. Unfortunately the flavour I tried was Dogfood, which was awful. But it made for a fun game.


It was easy to get lost, and I didn’t bother to see that much other than the stools. There were live shows going on, but I wasn’t interested. Nor did some of the stuff I was looking to buy seem that interesting.

Overall a great experience, highly recommend. I need to make my own costume next time.

Will Hanekom