I went to Mozfest in London on 30th October 2016.

I really enjoy how it was set out -it was all on different floors and a lot of different things to do on each floor.

moz1 moz2

In one of the rooms there was a storytelling game. They got the audience involved in reading the lines or control the people in the game.

They did not mind what question you asked. There was no age limit on the activities. There were talks about different things like vlogging and Arts Award.

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On one of the floors there was a wall of cameras you could take your photos with and see them in the next room.

There was also a room full of computers and on one of them they showed x-rays of a body. There were a lot of different things on each computer!

We also did an event called Curing Perfect. Curing Perfect is an animated graphic novel and game created by learning disabled artists. We were showing the game and people were playing it on the laptop -everyone was enjoying it. Would have been good if we had more time or more computers so people could play the full game and maybe ask us some questions.

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What could have been better at Mozfest the map could be more easy to read and the times of what’s going on could have been up somewhere like the entrance?

I really enjoy Mozfest I would go again. All the people were so kind and helpful who ran Mozfest including the volunteers.

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By Tina Dickinson