I liked the costume that was the colour black – it was bold and dark.

I also liked the heavy black wings they were Amazing.

I also liked the leotards they were very Silky and white, and they were lighter in colour.



I liked the space because it had lights around it.

There was lots of space to move around in – a good layout for the show.



It was a good interesting show – lively and powerful.

Very well performed and lots of energy.

Good connection with music, movements and performers.

Performers were playful and energetic.

Good communication

I liked the bit where they were on top of each other.

I liked the bit where they rolled.

Kissing was good.



The place was easy to find we had to use a map so we knew where to go.

The staff were kind, helpful and friendly.



Lightening bit was bright and bit flashy in pitch Black



Music was lively and it was full on.

The music was loud but it was good.

They used voice over in an interesting way.

Sound was Excellent and it was well responded to by the performers voice.



Very Powerful  Movements.

Feel Scared and Shocked.

Don’t like the Dark.

It was very powerful with good lights and good Atmosphere.

Funny and enjoyable.

Show was Fantastic.

Performers were Amazing.



I would Recommend the show, and to go with other people and friends.

You can see the show London at the Hackney Showroom 30 Nov – 3 Dec 8pm

Bethan Kendrik