I don’t like Shakespeare, but I sure liked this one!

There was a vibrant kind of funfair feel in the Brighton Fringe Warren next St. Peter’s Church near London Road.

A group of actors performed Romeo and Juliet using Shakespearean language and improvised words around one of them who was drunk.  In Shitfaced Shakespeare one person has to get drunk before the show, in this instance it was Romeo. The others actors kind of egg him on. l did doubt if the actor was really drunk beforehand, but during the show he was so drunk to the brim he kept falling over and spilling beer over the place.

A few points about access needs at the venue –

It was raining heavily on the night and the venue was like mini mud bath festival which I couldn’t  blame them for. Luckily I wore my boots and still haven’t  has a chance to clean them.

There weren’t clear signs inside of the big tent.  I didn’t know how to exit and come back inside if I wanted go to the toilet.

It was fresh, younger audience.

I liked how they still used the Shakespearean language words but in modern ways which I’ve never heard before. I enjoyed the way they improvised around the drunk person such as rude references to Harry Potter films and when they were on the bed in the love scene.

Felt like it was too short for me as it was gone in a flash and would have loved to see if they could put between 5 – 10 mins extra into this.

Would love to see the company again in other shows including changes I have already said.

Four words describe this:

Shakespeare is reborn again!

Sarah Watson

©Rah Petherbridge Photography -5 shitfaced Much r&J 2017 no crop

(Photo by Rah Petheridge)