Sick Festival 2017 at the Attenborough Centre for the Arts Brighton

I liked the show but it is hard to say what it is about. It was very energetic and I got carried away with the music. They were all clearly having a good time and it made me feel like I wanted to join in.

Most of the music was recorded though there were bits of live music. I would have liked more of that. There was a bit with piano only and a bit with drums only. It would have been nice to hear them together. Though it did feel as if the drummer was messing about but then I am a drummer.

There was a bit where everyone was in their underwear. I wasn’t sure if we were meant to watch them undress. But there was a lovely moment when two of them stood together in their underwear gently stroking each other but without actually touching. It had a very nice feeling, it was very warming.

I find it hard to put into words what I feel about the show. It didn’t feel as if it had a structure, it was more free-flowing. I would have liked more of a story. But at the time I was really enjoying myself watching it.

Sarah Watson