At the Warren, Brighton Festival Fringe.

The play is set in a prison in present time. There are six women who lives have been ruled by men.  They have been put in prison for things like wearing short skirts or getting pregnant. It’s all about sexual politics and how they can take revenge. One of the women was in a cult and it is like they have made their own cult in the prison. They each tell their stories and this brings out their different personalities.

The language is quite violent at times and the mood is tense. The women’s inner thoughts are shown on film which was effective – it is them outside the prison. One of the women, Ree, is new to the group and tries to change things. I found her role a bit confusing, but all the acting was strong. It was very emotional and physical. As the story grew it became like “Lord of The Flies”; there was a power struggle.

In the end they have to pretend to confess to their “sins” to escape the prison. Does this mean the men have won?

The set is made of black rubbish bags; not very exciting to look at, but it did give lots of space for the actors to move about and meant that you had to focus on them.

Under My Thumb made me think about how women relate to each other and how, like in George Orwell’s 1984, they have to take the blame when other people’s faults are attributed to them.

A show to remember.

Sarah Watson