In the world of Zootropolis, mammals both prey and predator have evolved beyond their savage ways as shown through a children’s school play performed by our protagonist; Judy Hopps. She dreams of being a police officer despite everyone saying she can’t. Through a training montage she grows old enough to leave her countryside home and move to the big city.

Being the first rabbit officer in a department mostly run by large, strong animals she is unfortunately undermined and given the job of meter maid.  But despite this she tries the best she can when she runs into Nick Wilde. A fox conman who may have info on some strange disappearances going around town.

The mystery leads the two all over the place, meeting crazy characters and encountering all sorts of dangers. Will they be able to solve this case?


This is one of the best looking Disney movies so far, I don’t even believe it could be topped. Not only is the detail in the texture of the characters and world absolutely astounding but it had this nostalgic effect on me, like I was a little kid reading a well-illustrated story book. The city is an absolute marvel.


The movie makes its message clear early on and makes it the focus of the films conflict. I won’t say what it is, but it ties in strongly with how each animal views each other that mirrors current problems going on. The idea of the world also opens up to interesting districts within the city that the characters visit. There is an arctic district, a desert district and a rainforest district with the main hub in centre. It’s very cool to see.

I also would like to mention the plot twist in the film, which I think works brilliantly with the message and is easy to understand.


Each actor matches their characters personality very well, Ginnifer Goodwin plays an optimistic and determined Judy Hopps who is a very relatable role model. Jason Bateman fits into the street smart fox; Nick Wilde. They all fit except for one and that’s the character of Gazelle played by pop star Shakira. She sings the title song very well but as a character she isn’t very interesting. I wasn’t very convinced that she was really embracing who her character was and she sounded a bit awkward even if it was a minor role.

I haven’t even mentioned the really funny side characters but they do well to move the story and keep conflict around for the two protagonists to go up against.

Overall Zootropolis is not just a beautiful and creative movie with good comedy, its commentary on society is going to remain relevant to this day and is guaranteed to be a modern classic. Not just a good film for kids, but a relevant contribution to the animation genre and medium. Chances are it might change people’s perceptions on what animation could do with adult subjects in a way audiences can understand. I give it a 10/10

Will Hanekom