Scene One

Scene One is a radio drama project that involves learning disabled writers, producers and performers. 

In Autumn 2018, seven artists attended ten workshops in and produced ‘A Month Of Detention’, a story about two school friends working together to get revenge on a bully. Carousel artist Jason Eade wrote the script and led workshops in in character development, delivering dialogue and narration, producing foley sound fx and choosing music. 

It’s been absolutely fantastic. What I’ve enjoyed so far from this radio drama course is learning all about what goes behind the radio and developing your character on the radio and putting new dialogue in.


Scene One Actor

Over 10 weeks in Autumn 2017 a team of learning disabled actors produced a radio drama called ‘The Lost Robot’. Workshops were led by writer Jason Eade, fulfilling his vision to create radio drama that is written, produced and performed by learning disabled talent. All dialogue, narration and Foley sound fx was written and recorded by a learning disabled team. ‘The Lost Robot’ was performed live at The Oska Bright Film Festival in November 2018 in front of a audience of over 200 people.

I learned editing and producing, it was great. I’m really proud of myself to perform. For people who are really shy, they’re really proud of themselves to do this, it makes me so inspired.


Scene One Actor