Welcome to the Carousel archive. Here you can take a quick look at some of our past projects.

Wonderland (2017)

A collaborative visual arts project between Carousel artists Sarah Watson and William Hanekom and Figment Arts.

Creatures of the Revolution (2016-17)

A gothic fairy tale music theatre piece built around the songs of Carousel band Sabien Gator.

Curing Perfect (2015-17)

An online graphic novel that explores some of the ethical issues relating to stem cell research and gene therapy.

Punchlines (2015-17)

A comedy course for learning disabled people to gain experience in a range of comedy styles.

Gold Run (2011-13)

A large-scale collaborative project that culminated in live performances at Glyndebourne and an exhibition.

High Spin (1990-2010)

Supported the choreographic and performance skills of learning disabled dancers over two decades.