Alan Barnes – clarinet and alto sax / Trevor Whiting- Clarinet and Saxes / Mark Edwards  – Piano / Piers Clark – Guitar / Steve Thompson – Bass

Who were your influences?
Acker Bilk, Sonny Rollins and Johnny Hodges, main 3 and still are..

Who has inspired you?
Just about everyone I’ve played with. Everyone can do something you can’t.

How did you learn to play sax?
I started on clarinet, My dad wouldn’t allow me a Saxophone until I’d learnt the clarinet. I went to Leeds Music College and had sax lessons.

Do you play other instruments?
Yes, I play flute, bass clarinet, bari sax, soprano, tenor.. and piano very badly.

How do you create new music such as your Christmas carol and Sherlock Holmes projects?
I start with the titles, bits of the book and write music that fits the mood.

How did you think of putting these famous stories together with jazz?
I’ve got to confess, I just like dressing up, I dressed up as Scrooge..

Are you doing Christmas Carol as a live show this year?
Yes, I’m working with Marc Nightingale (Trombone player) on expanding the show with a Big band.

Do you like touring?
I’ve been on the road 40 years, it goes with the job really… I like the idea of putting my slippers on..I love playing music, touring is the hard part.

Are you a fan of Swing?
Yes, I like all types of Jazz, swing era I most like..

What is your favourite track?
Charlie Parker, playing Parker’s Mood.

Who is your favourite person that you’ve played with?
My great friend David Newton. We’ve been playing together since 1977 and still on the road.. Nothing left to say to each other, we can just enjoy the view..

Which musician would you most like to have met?
Billy Strayhorn – Duke Ellington’s writing partner.

What advice would you give to young sax players?
Keep practising and don’t do it as a living!

Mr Duffield says it’s a `thumbs up’ for this gig. I enjoyed all the players. Really enjoyed the clarinet playing, piano and bass.

(photo credit: Mike Strutt)