Sarah Watson and Davot Irving went to watch stand-up comedy at Brighton venue Komedia, supported by Dave Lavis and Liz Hall.

The first act Damian Clarke was finishing his act just as we entered the venue. This was frustrating for Sarah as the only information on the website was that “doors open at 7” but there was no information about when the acts started.  Sarah felt that it was very confusing about the times. The staff asked us to wait at the bar until the act onstage had finished which took 5 minutes. Sarah didn’t understand why until Dave and Liz explained it. She thought we would have to stand up for the whole gig.

The only seats left were on the front row. This was good for Sarah In one sense as she felt less claustrophobic then when she has sat more centrally among lots of people.  However she did feel that the music between acts was too loud. She didn’t wear her ear-defenders as she was worried the comedians might pick on her. This made Sarah a bit anxious.

Davot and Sarah enjoyed the comedy. “I felt comfortable and not scared” said Davot. “I enjoyed laughing along with everyone. Sarah almost fell off her chair laughing. They told really good jokes. I would go again”.

Sarah said “Mark Simmons was good but I didn’t get his jokes about maths! Ian Stone was the best. His material about politics was the best bit. But he was a bit tame with his jokes about Jacob Rees-Mogg. Ian Stone was sarcastic and a bit rude but funny.”

About compere Stephen Grant, Sarah feels that he was trying to be funny but it was a bit bland. He picked on the audience but wasn’t very original and needed to be a bit more flexible with his jokes.

Sarah gave Krater Comedy a score of 6.5 out of 10, Davot gave it 5 out of 10. “If I knew I could get a seat at the back I would definitely go and see more comedy there” said Sarah.

It was a good introduction to stand-up comedy for Davot. “I’d like to go and watch more comedy where I live in Hastings”.