This is Sarah Watson’s  review of Grayson Perry at the Brighton Dome November  4th. Sarah decided to do her review as a spider-gram but agreed that I should write some notes of a conversation we had about it.

Sarah had a lot to say about the evening. It was very busy and the bar was packed. Sarah found that very difficult and thought there should be a visual cue for when we needed to go into the auditorium because we couldn’t hear the announcement. She was concerned about the crush going in for herself and generally for people who are anxious or autistic. She found it claustrophobic and felt it needed to be handled better with a separate door for disabled people clearly signed.

She enjoyed the show especially the first half. There was a lot of swearing but she like the down to earth quality. We had electronic voting devices and she thought there should have been more use of those in the second half and maybe different ways for the audience to interact. She particularly liked the bit where we were asked to critique some art as he had been one of the judges for the Royal Academy summer show.

Enjoy her spider-gram!