StopGap is  a dance company that creates dance performances that go around the world. They are mix of disabled & non-disabled dancers.

Enormous Room is their latest show.

We follow a father and daughter gradually coming to terms with the loss of Jackie – their wife and mother.

Thoughtful, moving and uplifting, this is a show about saying goodbye and moving on.

This review is coming from someone who’s seen only few of dances performances in my life. Some have been good and some not, which what you get in a sweets bag, that’s life.

I found this show found this down to earth or, in a nutshell, relatable to common people. Contemporary dance can sometimes be a bit too fancy.

The bedroom in which it was set had an unsual creative idea but in a good way.

All the characters showed who they were through their dance.

The two mother wearing baby blue pyjamas were so elegant and nurturing, so beautiful.

I liked the part where the daughter and her boyfriend were making effects in bed using just their upper bodies.

There was one character I wasn’t sure about – the bold crazy vabriant character who had the feeling of waking of the dead in Mexico but there was something deadly inside of him. Was him was The Death Keeper?  Things were sad he wasn’t there.

The best part was that they danced so beautifully and magically in the air when dancing to The Cure who I’m a big fan of. It was good bringing back the 80’s with “Smalltown Boy” plus The Cure’s “Grinding Halt” and “Hanging Garden” – so different and wicked in a good way.

At the end the main characters cuddle their wife/mother as they leave them forever. As when losing a person leaves big hole in your heart and the big hard part is moving on and thinking positive memories instead of the bad loss.

I was slightly confused with the short intermission. I would have liked a longer comfort break.

In words to say: felt touching, moving, relatable to everyone.

Sarah Watson